new casinos 150x150 - New Online CasinosGambling is such a super popular hobby that it would seem as if there just aren’t enough casinos. To keep pace with the demand, there are always new casinos being added to the selection.

Certainly, there are new online casinos being added almost every week. To help you identifying the best new casinos available in the UK, check out our top lists or dig deeper into our reviews.

New Casino Sites February 2019

Omnia Casino
Omnia Casino
100% up to £100
50 Extra Spins
100% up to £600
200 Free Spins
203 Welcome Spins
Kaboo Casino
100% up to £100
1 Relic
50 £1 Free Spins
100% up to £200
100 Spins
100% up to £300
90 Bonus Spins
Weekly 80% Reload Bonus
Slot Planet
100% up to £222
21 Casino
121% up to £300

Choose the Best New Casinos

If you’re wondering about new releases and which ones of the new casinos that are legit and safe to play at, we are happy providing you a list of the newest sites that have been vetted good and legit by us together with their current welcome offer. By that, you’ll know precisely where to play for the moment. Our lists are updated frequently where a new casino is added almost every week.

When it comes to how we screen and vet new casinos, we use the same framework as for any other online casino we present on this site. Safety are of course a main criterion for us where all sites we market to UK players are licensed by the UK Gambling commission. More information about how we review and select what casinos to publish and promote can be found here.

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Benefits With New Online Casinos

Due to the tough competition within the gambling industry, new casinos know that they have to come up with something tantalisingly attractive to draw customers to sign up with them. Casinos think out all sorts of generous benefits to attract customers, and there are of course those online casinos that tries to stand out from the rest, offering higher than normal welcome bonuses for new players.

Benefits in Brief:

  • Better and more bonuses
  • Innovative and fast technology
  • Better mobile experience

Consequently, a huge benefit with new casinos getting launched is that there is a new welcome offer to claim. Since the new sites want to create a buzz, establishing themselves as a generous and cool brand, it is rather common that the bonuses handed out immediately after launch is better than at the already established casinos.

Another great advantage is that new casinos dare to challenge by having new, innovative technology. Examples of this can bee seen in the way new sites work with gamification, offering extra entertainment in addition to the casino games by having fun tournaments, slot races, competitions and creative loyalty programmes.

When comparing new casinos to old ones, a significant factor that can not be emphasised enough is the new technology the new casino sites are built upon. Having the latest technology and also being more adaptable to modern behaviour such as how people use their smartphones to gamble, slot machines load way faster at new casinos.

Also, it goes without saying that the new online casinos are better built for mobile devices. This is an important factor looking at how people choose to play nowadays. The vast majority of casino players in the UK have realised the benefits of playing via their smartphones. Simply because it is smoother experience where you can enjoy the thrill of gambling wherever you are at any time.

Casino Games at the New Sites

Of course, new casinos wants to stand out in the competition by having a game selection that is up to date and in some way unique. Hence, it is very common to find several exclusive casino games and new slot machines at these sites.

Innovation is always a good thing when it comes to new casino games where the development from slot developers has been to push limits in terms of both graphics and mechanics. In the context of new casinos, it goes without saying that modern platforms and fast technology enhances the gaming experiences for slot machines with heavy graphics.

When talking about “mechanics”, the new games often play around with already existing games. Examples of that can be playing Roulette with two balls or arranging slot tournaments where you compete about cool prizes together with other casino players.

To summarise, most of the new casinos offer a wonderful selection of games from every genre to amuse every kind of player.

Bonuses at New Casinos

When you’re looking around, browsing new casinos, be sure to check out the promotions these new casinos offer.

As we’ve already stated, verified new casinos can be found in our top lists where we also take the welcome offer into consideration. Choosing casino to play at on your own is difficult where we are happy to help you with our reviews and top lists.

We dig deep into the different welcome bonuses, explain how how to make use of free spins at every site, how the sites loyalty points work and much more. With so much information at your fingertips, you can make an informed choice about where to play, how the casino bonuses work and how they apply to different games and casinos.

New casino sites are always going to be offering those exciting bonuses to new players.

Bonus offerings such as those free spins are guaranteed to spice up the slot playing experience for you and the jackpots can be nail-bitingly rewarding.

The remarkable thing about new casinos is that they are packed with special features that help you towards having a go at the jackpot. One of the brilliant aspects about new casinos and their slot games is that you have all this excitement at the tips of your fingers and you have crystal clear visuals that can keep you riveted hour after hour.

Choose New Casinos With Fast Payouts

What is the use of having a shiny new casino with lots of exciting games if the casino’s customers services leave much to be desired?

Online casinos need to provide customer support around the clock, after all, their players are playing morning, noon and night. The casino needs to be available by telephone, live chat as well as email. They also need to be able to communicate with players in the language of that country and offer a variety of popular deposit and withdrawal options such as Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, VISA, Mastercard, and others.

Something that can’t be emphasised enough is the value of having fast payouts for winnings.

Let’s face it – most players visist an online casino to win some quick cash while being entertained. Nothing is therefore worse than having to wait several days to get the cash into your bank account. This is something we see as one of the most important criterions when evaluating and reviewing new online casinos.

WHY PLAY AT NEW CASINOS casinorella uk

New Casinos 2018

The first online casinos with slots and casino games were launched a long time ago already, and since that time the online casino industry has rocketed and just keeps growing. That is why there are so many new casinos erupting where the number of new casinos 2018 are thought to break all previous records.

You can always find online casinos online by simply typing in words online casinos UK or whichever country you want to play in. An online casino review site like Casinorella, however, is your best bet, as the information has been got together by casino experts who advise you on the best casinos and how to also avoid the risky, non-regulated new casinos that will do nothing but get you a headache.

There are hundreds of online casino choices online, where Casinorella will inform you of their exciting offers available.

Something that has been very significant for the casinos released during 2018 is that the quality has improved. It has gotten obvious that a UK Casino site must be able to offer more than the traditional slot machines and casino games. This is where service plays an important role. UK gamblers are demanding and taking the intense competition between gambling operators in considerations, they should be demanding!

Simply put, UK casino players can and should choose casinos with high value bonus offers, massive game selections, flawless customer service and instant payouts. This is something that the casino sites of 2018 has taken seriously where the overall quality has increased significantly compared to previous years.

New casinos 2019 and onwards

There are a fantastic array of new UK online casinos being added to the already impressive selection every week where industry-experts are convinced that this development will remain the same and most likely accelerate during 2019.

However, something the casinos of 2019 must take into consideration when developing their sites is compliance and player responsibility. The UK Gambling commission that regulates and supervice gambling within the United Kingdom has as motto to keep gambling fair and safe for all.

During 2019, they are expected to require several new rules that gambling operators must be compliant to. Examples can be better tools for self excluding, that casino players must set a budget for their spending or that TV-commercials only can be sent during certain times to avoid people under the age of 18 being targeted for casino commercials.

If you enjoy playing at online casinos, this is mainly good things as the new regulations will force both existing and new casinos to step up their service in many aspects. This includes better controls of slot machines, transparent terms and conditions for bonuses faster payouts, safer transactions and improved customer service.

All in all, we are excited to follow the development of new casinos 2019 where we expect even more releases than ever before, higher bonuses, better terms and conditions and faster payouts. Stay tuned!