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As most online gaming fans know, Free Spins is term closely connected with iGaming industry, online casinos and, more precisely, online slots. The phrase signifies a free round or number of  spins you can make on an online slot game awarded to you free of any charge. That means that when you activate the spin button, or when the Free Spins sequence is initiated in some other way, no sum will be reduced from your current balance. Although this sounds deceivingly simple, in practice, there are several types of Free Spins bestowed to players in various situations. That’s why it pays off to acquire an in-depth knowledge about the Free Spins. They not only represent the most exciting, hectic and awarding part of any online slot gaming session, but they also provide a unique opportunity to earn significant sums of money effortlessly.Read more

50 Spins
100% up to £150
6Vegas Hero
100% up to £200
50 Spins

Welcome Package And Free Spins

Basically, there are two main ways to acquire Free Spins. The first one is by taking advantage of various types of bonuses and promotions offered by a particular casino. The second is by meeting certain in-game requirements that can vary from slot to slot. For the most part, casino Free Spins come as a complementary part of the main Welcome Bonus offer. That means that in order to acquire the Free Spins, you’ll first have to make a specified deposit. Of course, casinos occasionally also provide no deposit free spins to players, but we’ll elaborate on that later. Depending on how the welcome Bonus is structured, you’ll receive your Free Spins at some point.

For instance, if the welcome bonus is only made of one segment, you’ll get your free spins as soon as you make your deposit. However, in the case that welcome offer comprises of several parts, you’ll potentially receive the Free Spins divided into several phases. Take notice that activation of the Free Spins bonus usually involves a set of different conditions. First of all, the received Free Spins typically can be used only on a specific online slot, or you can choose between several titles that are currently being promoted by the casino. Moreover, there are also certain wagering requirements you must satisfy before you can cash in the winnings you received during Free Spins mode.

That’s where things tend to get a bit more complicated. Essentially, online casinos introduce various wagering requirements to safeguard their own interests and minimise their potential losses. That’s why casino clients first must play through their winnings received through Free Spins for a certain amount of times before they can make a withdrawal. How many times exactly depends on the particular casino. The number usually varies from x10 to x35 times, although in some extreme cases they skyrocket up to x50. For that reason, it is of paramount importance to thoroughly check terms and conditions section of a casino before you commence to play.

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No Deposit Free Spins

So far we’ve talked about Free Spins that require you to deposit a certain sum before the activation. However, there are also uber-popular no deposit free spins which don’t need any deposit money whatsoever.

All you got to do is to register and create your account, and you’re ready to roll. No deposit free spins make a superb way for online casinos to expand their customer base, while new members get a unique opportunity to make some great initial earnings.

Of course, just like in the previous case, some regulations and restrictions apply even in the case of liberal no deposit Free Spins. First of all, when you proceed to use your Free Spins, you’ll notice that the bet will be fixed at the lowest possible amount.

Now, you might wonder, why casinos will generously reward you on one side and cut back on another? Casinos regularly limit the spin values, especially for no deposit Free Spins because they want to reduce their losses and prevent potential abuses. One of the ways to do that is to set the stake on the minimal value, which for most slots will be at £0.01. Of course, all those wagering requirements we’ve mentioned earlier apply also in the case of no deposit Free Spins. In fact, because players virtually don’t invest anything, they tend to be even more severe. Naturally, there are exceptions even to this rule, because some casinos will offer Free Spins without any restrictions and wagering requirements.

That means that you’ll be able to withdraw all earnings you’ve acquired through Free Spins immediately. However, because a particular casino will ultimately be treating you with the free money for the sake of the promotion, that will happen only on infrequent occasions. And while we’re on the subject of promotions, online casinos periodically tend to award their loyal customers with Free Spins. They can be a part of their regular weekly bonus program available to all members, or something reserved exclusively for the VIP members. In some cases, the casino management will even contact individual members via e-mail with the message that they awarded them a certain amount of Free Spins they can use in some new slot.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

We’ve covered various external ways you can acquire free Spins where no deposit is required. However, in the case of most online slots, Free Spins are an integral part of the gameplay and the elaborate in-game mechanics. In other words, with some luck and skill, you can activate them yourself during your gaming session. Usually, all you got to do in order to initiate the Free Spins bonus feature is to land a certain number of Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Now, the exact rules for this depend on the particular slot. Generally, only three Scatters are needed to start Free Spins bonus, but there are some slots that require up to five of them. Be sure to check the Paytable section of the game for all relevant info about symbols and bonus features.

Of course, if you’ve initiated Free Spins feature during the game, wager requirement and all those other restrictive rules don’t apply. That means that you’ll be able to play and withdraw your winnings whenever you like. It is important to notice that while the Free Spins sequence is on, some special features, bonuses and other exciting and lucrative benefits are regularly active. For instance, if you succeed to land another Scatter during the free spins mode, you’ll receive additional free spins. Depending on gameplay, while Free Spins feature is active, you’ll be awarded multipliers, different types of Wild symbols and all other kinds of exciting goodies that will boost your winnings.

How To Win On Free Spins

You’ve received your promotional Free Spins, or you’ve activated them yourself during the regular game. Now, how can you make the most of your Free Spins session? This is the part where most players tend to get unnecessarily confused and discouraged. Although the bonus features in online slots are randomly generated and depend mostly on sheer luck and chance, successful iGaming in general also requires a solid tactical approach. As we’ve mentioned before, Free Spins not only allow you to spin the reels for a certain amount of time without damaging your balance, they also bring lots of other benefits as well. The best strategy is to identify those special perks and to acquaint yourself systematically with the game mechanics of the particular slot and its Free Spins feature.

Then, when you’re familiar with all the intricacies of your chosen slot, you can try to exploit them. For instance, some slots have several different types of Scatter symbols. Each different Scatter activates Free Spins feature with a unique set of benefits. By focusing your attention on the one that’s most suited to your gaming style will allow you to influence the outcome of the game, at least to some degree. When the Free Spins mode is on, try to land additional Scatters. They typically initiate extra Spins or activate other cool bonus features. Some slots will even allow you to directly choose the specific bonus you’ll be getting for the duration of the Free Spins bonus round, so make sure to get one that will pay off the most.

Free Spins Spectacle

Most gamers would certainly agree that Free Spins represent the best part of any online slots gaming session. It is an awesome sight indeed to watch as the reels furiously spin in the spectacular show of colours, blurred shapes and vibrant music, while your balance rapidly increases. If you’d like to experience this for yourself, follow the instructions, information and tips we’ve compiled in this text. Always keep an eye on the casino bonuses and promotions that include Free Spins, because they could be your best shot for the ultimate win. During the game, watch out for Scatters. They are the key to unleashing the Free Spins mode and awesome prizes it potentially offer. As always, a better understanding of general terms, conditions and gameplay of a particular slot will increase your chances of achieving the iGaming greatness.