Win a Porsche at Spinrider Casino

Yes, you read that right. At Spinrider, they aren’t offering you free spins, a bonus, or even a cash reward, they’re offering you the chance to win a Porsche 718 Cayman Coupe. Promotions really don’t get any more exclusive or upmarket, and we’re here to tell you how to take part.

The Prize

win a porsche at spinriderDubbed one of the best sports cards on the market, the 5* rated 718 Cayman Coupe is the car dreams are made of. With variations reaching up to £73,000 RRP, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own one of these beautifully engineered cars.

If cars aren’t your thing, Spinrider has stated that a cash alternative of 75% of the prize value may be made available at their discretion. So even if the car doesn’t interest you, there’s still a huge prize to be claimed.

How to Enter

Taking part is simple, and there’s no long or complicated terms to get your head around. These are the steps to entering in the draw:

  • For every £20 deposited and wagered twice, 1 point is earned.
  • Winner selection is conducted through a random draw and not based on how many tickets are earned.
  • Number of entry tickets are unlimited.
  • Earn just 500 points to receive one ticket. (1,000 = 2 tickets etc). 1 ticket triggers entry.

The best part is that the draw is random and not weighted by how many tickets you have, so you don’t have to spend thousands to be in with a chance of landing the huge prize.