Ouroboros At ShadowBet

Wondering about Ouroboros? Visit the ShadowBet online casino and look for the most unusual, fun, and fascinating slot ever! This casino offers a new rewarding system for free spins and a whole lot of surprises! ShadowBet Casino itself has been described as a mysterious place which only the chosen ones know about! So, are you the chosen one?

Rewards At Shadowbet Casino

At ShadowBet, you will enjoy Ouroboros, offering you extra free spins along the way. You can also win money each time you level up. The great news is that you don’t need to deposit any money and you do not need to register. You can spin the reels for free and wait for a win. In case this happens, ShadowBet Casino will then need you to create your account in order to collect your prize.

How To Play

Ouroboros has 3 symbols representing the possible rewards. After you create an account, play to start collecting prizes. As you make new bets you slowly fill the entertainment bar. Once the bar is filled the ancient Ouroboros activates and you stand to win prizes. There is also the moon & sun symbol. Choosing one gives you a chance to either double your prize or lose it all.

A Casino Worth Visiting

It’s safe to say, this is one casino worth visiting. Thanks to its classy display and huge prizes, ShadowBet casino is the ideal place to win big! Prizes await you in every corner and you will experience them when you either level up or when you play Ouroboros. You don’t need to deposit money or create an account right off the bat, therefore, you can give it a test run and continue after you’ve done a short trial.