Casino on Stream

A phenomenon that is increasing in popularity is to watch online gamblers play casino using the video platform Twitch or simply Youtube. Here, anyone can watch real persons playing slot machines, black jack and other casino games with real money. This is both educational and for many people quite relaxing to watch. In addition to that, its also very educational as the experienced players often explain and walk you through different slot machines while playing.

The winners reaction

If you want a good laugh or just some inspiration, we recommend looking at compilations of the biggest wins. Since they are playing for real money, showing when they make deposits etc, the reactions are nothing but real. If not, they must be very good actors. We asked our Casinorella-crew to compile the highest winnings done over Twitch or Youtube and you can really tell that some people react different than others.

Just check out the guy in the end and his reaction, God I wish that was me hitting that big jackpot. If you are interested in becoming a streamer yourself, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you get going. Also, if you have seen any other wins worth showing to our readers, please provide us with the information.

Otherwise, just enjoy the video and once again, check out the guy in the end, he is worth fast-forwarding to!